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Monkey Business is Also Our Business

Most of the animals that come to Heavenly Paws for after-life care are pets. Of those, we mostly see cats or dogs. We will occasionally help with a horse or a ferret or a deer. Recently, though, we’ve seen a whole new animal. 


Thanks to a relationship we’ve formed with Born Free, USA which is a sanctuary for primates located in South Texas, we have been offering after-life care for monkeys. We were as surprised as you probably are to learn that there is a primate sanctuary in South Texas! 

The origin story of the sanctuary is really interesting. 

In the early 1970s, Kyoto, Japan experienced a population explosion of their local macaque (also known as the Japanese Snow Monkey). Through a series of strange and unexpected events, connections, and conversations, the surplus macaques were taken in by a rancher in South Texas. 


This gave local biologists an opportunity to study the behavior of the primates. It also added to the local lore as stories emerged about the monkeys getting loose and into trouble.

Over time the macaque home was transformed into its current carnation which is a sanctuary for many primate species who need a safe, happy spot to live out their monkey lives. Of course, the macaque group is still there going strong. 

Many of the monkeys that come to Born Free sanctuary were former pets. In case you were not aware, monkeys (while very cute) are wild animals and do not make good pets. Some people, unfortunately, discover this the hard way.

Other primates that come to the sanctuary come from either laboratories or less than stellar roadside zoos.

Born Free is not open to the public. The monkeys are not on display. It is truly a place for them to be cared for enough to stay healthy and then left alone to just be monkeys. They all have names. They all have stories and individual personalities. 

Each individual is evaluated to decide if a larger more populated enclosure is appropriate or if they need to live in a smaller enclosure with just a few friends. They are given fresh food and medical care and many things to climb. They are each given the space they need to thrive and to be free, wild monkeys. 

It is obvious that Born Free, USA has so much love and respect for each animal that lives on their property. 

At Heavenly Paws, we can certainly relate to that approach. It is the same for every animal that passes through our doors. We treat them with dignity, respect, and love. We know each animal has a story. A name. A personality. We offer the same level of courtesy to each animal that comes to us for aftercare. 

We appreciate our relationship with Born Free, USA, and are glad they are out there doing what they do. If you would like to learn more about their organization or would like information about how to donate to their cause, please visit their website


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